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The data from this study region includes 12 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 4 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

The Murray River is the boundary between NSW and Victoria. The river both…

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Tony Martin with fishing rod, fishing boat, 2011
Photographs of fishing equipment and lures used by Tony Martin, described further in his oral history interview.

Photographs taken by Jodi Frawley.

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Murray Cod catch, Corowa Anglers Club, [no date]
Images were sourced by the Talking Fish project team from Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Pete Tidd on the day of oral history interview.

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This image collection contains excerpts from J.O. Langtry's book 'His Lifelong Interest in Science', in the Talking Fish Collection, Sydney: Mitchell Library Oral History Collection.

In 1949-50, J.O. Langtry investigated the biology of native…

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Dennis Lean, oral history interview, 2010
An interview in five parts with Dennis Lean.

Born in 1943, Dennis Lean is a third generation shop owner in Yarrawonga. His grandfather came to the area in 1917 and opened a barber shop. The shop was predominantly for hairdressing, but Dennis's…

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Gavin Vale, oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Gavin Vale.

Born in 1957, Gavin has lived all his life at Picola on the Murray River, at the edge of the Barmah Forest. Gavin‘s family property was used predominantly for sheep farming, with the occasional crop…

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(Order unknown) Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd; oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd.

Graham, Ken and Peter are members of the Corowa Angling Club, and have lived in the Corowa area since the 1970s. Graham has worked as a water bailiff, a law enforcement…

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An interview in four parts with J.O. Langtry.

J.O. Langtry talks about his investigation into the ecology of the Murray-Darling System with the newly formed State Fisheries and Game Department of Victoria. His systematic examination of native…

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JOL and Heather Goodall, 2010
A document written by J.O. Langtry a few months after his oral history interview for the Talking Fish research project.

He reflects on the balance between maintaining healthy river flows and the needs of irrigators, in the context of sustainably…

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