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Dave Johns engaged in an informal (unrecorded) interview and was happy for it to be made available on the public record. Handwritten notes from the interview are stored at the State Library of New South Wales in collection ML OH 647/1-130.

In his…

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Kevin Smith is a policeman and farmer. His grandparents have lived on the ‘Riverview’ property at Tatong since 1912. Kevin has a deep interest in ecological preservation and our relationship with the environment. Fern Hames is the Victorian…

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On the Loddon River with the Kerang Crew, 2010
John Baulch: taught himself how to fish as a child with an Alvey sidecast fishing reel. He talks about flow rates; water levels; the European Carp supplanting the Redfin; the decline of Yellowbelly; selling fish to the local clubs; and the return of…

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An interview in three parts with Charlee Campbell and Faye Crowe.

Charlee and Faye talk about Hollands Creek; growing up along the creek; memories of swimming and playing in the river; the cycle of flooding and the dry; and Aerial maps. Faye…

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An interview in two parts. Audio only.

David Chalmers is associated with the Goulburn River Men's Group Inc. and is interviewed on the site of a Kangaroo farm. Throughout the interview, David identifies the native plants and vegetation present and…

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(L to R) Mick and Barb Davis, 2010
An interview in three parts with Mick and Barb Davis.

Mick explains his family history and the history of their property 'Myandetta". He talks about the history of fishing in the area; professional anglers and netters; and changing attitudes…

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An interview in five parts with Gay and Dick Lawler.

Gay and Dick talk about the arrival of Carp and St John's Wort following a big flood in 1991. They stopped fishing soon afterward. They discuss their efforts to reintroduce native plants, and…

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No speech was recorded during this interview. The recording is a sample of ambient noise (mainly birdsong) in Michelago (NSW).

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A.G. Warner in flooded car, enroute to visit Grace Cooney, 1925
Historical images of the Warner family. Gordon Warner has spent most of his life in the Eulo district, and thirty years on a cattle property at Wandilla on the eastern side of the Paroo River. The district is sheep and cattle country; the Paroo used…

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