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The eighth and ninth parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses the history of Jondaryan Station and the creek surrounds, and covers subdivisions; grazing; floods; and land clearance. His talks about his extensive research…

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(L to R) Mick and Barb Davis, 2010
An interview in three parts with Mick and Barb Davis.

Mick explains his family history and the history of their property 'Myandetta". He talks about the history of fishing in the area; professional anglers and netters; and changing attitudes…

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Portrait of Michael Anderson, Hebel (QLD), 13 October 2010.
Station-owner and Ualarai man Michael Anderson provides a rich and in-depth interview on his personal experience with the Murray-Darling Basin from his current base by the Bokhara River. As an executive member of the Northern Basins Aboriginal…

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