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An interview with Cheryl Buchannan. Audio only.

Cheryl Buchanan is a woman from the Guwamu (or Kooma) nation located in southern Queensland. Cheryl is a representative for Northern Basins Aboriginal Nations (NBAN) and in this short interview she…

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Robert Worboys and wife with fish caught at Garden Hole, 1950s
Historical images provided by Robert Worboys during his oral history interview with friends Keith Codrington and George Thomas.

The images span the late 1930s to 1950s. They show Murray Cod caught from the infamous 'Garden Hole' spoken about…

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Cross family, Narran River, 1920s.
Historical images provided by Pat Cross during her oral history interview.

The photos show family activities such as learning to swim in the Narran River in the 1920s.

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Brenda Station on the Culgoa River (NSW), [no date]
Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen were the former managers of the Brenda Station in Goodooga. Previously owned by the Church of England, Brenda Station was primarily involved in grazing. The Culgoa River that ran through the property was a major…

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Ned Underwood at the bank of the Balonne River (QLD), 9 October 2010.
Photos taken on day of oral history recording of Ned and Lynette Underwood by the Talking Fish research team of the Balonne River and areas around their property.

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The data from this study region includes 11 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 4 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

Geographically the Balonne is an extension of the Condamine River and starts…

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Portrait of Ned Underwood, Warroo Station (QLD), 9 October 2010.
An interview in two parts with Ned and Lynette Underwood.

Born in 1932, Ned grew up as a child on the property Warroo, a sheep and cattle station on the banks of the Balonne, owned by his grandfather since 1890.

In the interview, Ned describes…

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Rory Treweeke, Angledool Station (NSW), 10 October 2010.
Rory Treweeke is the owner of the Angledool Station in far northern New South Wales near Lightning Ridge. Rory has been in Angledool since 1969 and has seen a lot of changes in and around the Narran River. These changes include the installation of…

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An interview with Pat Stephens, a local butcher.

Born in 1933, Pat talks about fishing in the Dirranbandi area and the changes he has noticed over the last 60 years. Having fished since he was a boy, the biggest changes have been a reduction in…

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An interview with Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen.

Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen were the former managers of Brenda Station in Goodooga. On the Culgoa River, it spans both New South Wales and Queensland. Previously owned by the Church of…

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