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An interview in five parts with Gay and Dick Lawler.

Gay and Dick talk about the arrival of Carp and St John's Wort following a big flood in 1991. They stopped fishing soon afterward. They discuss their efforts to reintroduce native plants, and…

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Jodi Frawley interviewing members of the Green family, 2010
An interview in six parts with the Green family.

The Green family grew up at 'Chinaman's Lagoon', in one of the original homesteads in the district. The lagoon and acreage became their backyard, and is were they spent all their holidays and…

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Brenda Station on the Culgoa River (NSW), [no date]
Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen were the former managers of the Brenda Station in Goodooga. Previously owned by the Church of England, Brenda Station was primarily involved in grazing. The Culgoa River that ran through the property was a major…

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Riparian vegetation, Condamine River, 2010
Photos taken on day of oral history recording of Brian Kuhn by the Talking Fish project team.

The images depict denuding that has occurred and revegetation efforts in the Condamine River Catchment, riparian zones, and River Red Gums.

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An interview with Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen.

Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen were the former managers of Brenda Station in Goodooga. On the Culgoa River, it spans both New South Wales and Queensland. Previously owned by the Church of…

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