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An interview in two parts with Gordon Warner.

Gordon has spent most of his life in the Eulo district, and thirty years on a cattle property at Wandilla on the eastern side of the Paroo River. The district is sheep and cattle country; the Paroo…

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Cousins, Ron Heinemann and Ron Gardiner, talk separately about their memories of growing up on the Paroo River. Both men owned properties along the river and were fishers. Ron Heinemann was an especially keen fisher and has an intimate knowledge of…

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Fay and Donald Cooney, oral history interview, 2010
An interview with Fay and Donald Cooney. Fay and Donald were born in Cunnumulla in the 1930s, and have lived most of their lives on the Paroo River at Eulo on family sheep properties ‘Turn Turn’ and ‘Goonamurra’, going back to the 1900s. Both…

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Gavin Vale, oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Gavin Vale.

Born in 1957, Gavin has lived all his life at Picola on the Murray River, at the edge of the Barmah Forest. Gavin‘s family property was used predominantly for sheep farming, with the occasional crop…

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An interview in three parts with Henry Jones.

Born in 1941, Henry is a sixth generation commercial fisher, and also ran a yabby restaurant for thirty years. He talks about learning to fish from his father, a commercial fisherman at Renmark, in the…

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Portrait of Ned Underwood, Warroo Station (QLD), 9 October 2010.
An interview in two parts with Ned and Lynette Underwood.

Born in 1932, Ned grew up as a child on the property Warroo, a sheep and cattle station on the banks of the Balonne, owned by his grandfather since 1890.

In the interview, Ned describes…

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An interview with Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen.

Peter and Margaret (Pop) Petersen were the former managers of Brenda Station in Goodooga. On the Culgoa River, it spans both New South Wales and Queensland. Previously owned by the Church of…

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An informal interview with Henry and Joan Cross. No audio was recorded.

Henry and Joan Cross live at Goonaroo Station, an 11,000 acre sheep and cattle property. The property is located north of Hebel on the New South Wales and Queensland borders…

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Bill Grace on his property, Great Anabranch, 2010
Bill and Elaine Grace are landholders on the Great Anabranch of the Darling River. They own sheep, cattle and some dryland wheat on their property on the Anabranch.

They discuss the Darling Anabranch Pipeline scheme and other water issues.


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