Coorong and Lower Lakes: Oral History of Henry Jones


Coorong and Lower Lakes: Oral History of Henry Jones


An interview in three parts with Henry Jones.

Born in 1941, Henry is a sixth generation commercial fisher, and also ran a yabby restaurant for thirty years. He talks about learning to fish from his father, a commercial fisherman at Renmark, in the Riverland; and his grandfather, a First World War veteran. Henry is a member of the Community Stakeholder Taskforce for the Murray-Darling Basin Native Fish Strategy. His commercial licence covers Lake Albert, Lake Alexandrina, Coorong, and the Great Southern Ocean three nautical miles out from Goolwa to Kingston.

Henry talks about: his fishery's World First Environmental Management Plan and Marine Stewardship; the difference between fishing methods/equipment in the Riverland compared with the windy conditions of the Lakes, Coorong and ocean; sustainable fishing practice; effects of water over allocation (upstream); the lack of intermediate floods from the Murray and Darling, affecting the breeding cycle of fish; salt from irrigation; hypersalinity of Coorong, and possible solutions; the closure of the Murray mouth in 1981; counting bird species; and the increase of seals, sting ray, barnacles, and tube worm in the Coorong (now a marine environment); 1992 flood; plant species.

Other fish species mentioned: 'bull nosed mullet'.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley


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Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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This transcript has been edited to reflect the corrections made by Henry Jones to the original version. The audio recording has not been edited.


Jodi Frawley


Henry Jones


Clayton, VIC


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