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Bawley Point NSW (CC-BY-SA) by Milkbar Nick, on Flickr" at
The interviewee has lived and worked on the far south coast for the last eight years. Originally from central Victoria, his parents bought a holiday home in the area when he was as a child. Now he runs a small water-based tourist business with his…

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Tony Martin with fishing rod, fishing boat, 2011
Photographs of fishing equipment and lures used by Tony Martin, described further in his oral history interview.

Photographs taken by Jodi Frawley.

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Portrait of Tony Martin, 2011
An interview in three parts with Tony Martin.

Tony discusses bait and lure fishing; permanent set lines; and recalls the arrival of Redfin and Carp. He shares stories about the professional fisherman who used to fish the Murray; illegal fishing;…

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An interview with John Koehn, John Douglas, and Roy Patterson.

John Koehn is a research officer for the Arthur Rylah Institute, Melbourne, and studies freshwater fish ecology. John Douglas works for Victorian Fisheries, and Roy Patterson is a…

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On the Loddon River with the Kerang Crew, 2010
John Baulch: taught himself how to fish as a child with an Alvey sidecast fishing reel. He talks about flow rates; water levels; the European Carp supplanting the Redfin; the decline of Yellowbelly; selling fish to the local clubs; and the return of…

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The twelfth of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses efforts to improve the riparian zone and the first resnagging project in Queensland. He talks about the electric fishing technique used in surveys, restocking fingerlings at…

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The tenth and eleventh parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal introduces his favourite spot and talks about fish migration; fish travelling; land subdivisions; and Bowenville Reserves history as a public site for livestock watering…

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The eighth and ninth parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses the history of Jondaryan Station and the creek surrounds, and covers subdivisions; grazing; floods; and land clearance. His talks about his extensive research…

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The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses the section of Oakey Creek (above where it meets Westbrook Creek) known as the Treeline. He explains how the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking…

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