Interview 6, Far South Coast NSW


Interview 6, Far South Coast NSW


The interviewee has lived and worked on the far south coast for the last eight years. Originally from central Victoria, his parents bought a holiday home in the area when he was as a child. Now he runs a small water-based tourist business with his wife seven months of the year.

His father was drawn to the area for its recreational fishing, and the interviewee ‘grew up as a mad fisherman’, fishing from both the shore and boat. He has taught his children to fish, and recalls fond memories growing up with his brother, snorkelling and spear fishing.

In terms of the tourist business, he enjoys the interactive experiences he is able to offer customers, such as watching South Coast stingrays and water birds feeding on fish. Out in the kayaks his experiences are generally positive; kayakers are able to move about freely and interact with local commercial fishermen, who are happy to engage and educate. There are negative experiences as well, including poaching or illegal fishing in sanctuary zones. Jet skis are a problem; they are noisy and reduce the enjoyment of kayakers.

When asked about the amnesty or allowance of shore fishing in sanctuary zones, he raises concern about the confusion it causes between ‘ocean-fronted’ and other sanctuary zones. He believes more resources should be placed into educating the public so that recreational fishing and tourism can still bring economic value to the region, in an environmentally sustainable way.


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