Goulburn: Oral History of David Chalmers


Goulburn: Oral History of David Chalmers


An interview in two parts. Audio only.

David Chalmers is associated with the Goulburn River Men's Group Inc. and is interviewed on the site of a Kangaroo farm. Throughout the interview, David identifies the native plants and vegetation present and the history of the area with special regard to the Aboriginal people who are the traditional owners of the area.

David tours the site in the interview, describing the numerous historical Aboriginal artifacts such as tool-making areas, elaborate Kangaroo traps, calendars, caves, and what he believes to have occurred in this time period.

David also speaks about his interaction with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in trying to obtain an assessment of the Aboriginal site and how he sees this site as a significant piece of history.

Plants mentioned: wild oats, senecio, ajuga, kangaroo grass, dianella, isotoma, cypress pine, grevillea, cumbungi, kurrajong, iron bark.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley
Hamish Sewell


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Hamish Sewell


David Chalmers


Victoria, Australia


Part 1 00:27:26
Part 2 00:57:33

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