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JOL and Heather Goodall, 2010
A document written by J.O. Langtry a few months after his oral history interview for the Talking Fish research project.

He reflects on the balance between maintaining healthy river flows and the needs of irrigators, in the context of sustainably…

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An interview with Rolf Weber, a senior biodiversity officer with Fisheries and Wildlife, who came to Shepparton Victoria in 1981.

Rolf talks about: wetland vegetation; role of plants in providing protection for fish and their eggs; Myriophyllum…

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(L to R) Jodi Frawley and John McKenzie, 2010.
An interview in four parts with Raymond Donald and John McKenzie.

Born in 1926, Raymond Donald was a technician at the Snobs Creek Hatchery for thirty-five years. During fieldwork trips, which could last for several weeks, not only did Raymond set…

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