Murray: Oral History of Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Pete Tidd


Murray: Oral History of Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Pete Tidd


An interview in three parts with Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd.

Graham, Ken and Peter are members of the Corowa Angling Club, and have lived in the Corowa area since the 1970s. Graham has worked as a water bailiff, a law enforcement officer responsible for the policing of bodies of water. They are concerned about restricted access to the river as time goes on.

The group talk about: Corugan Pumps (Hans’ Creek), an anabranch of the Murray River; changes in the Murray’s course as a result of floods, early 1980s; fishing at Jerilderie and Deniliquin; increases in Yellowbelly species since restocking; decline in Redfin species since 1980s; club travels; fishing licences; lure fishing; changes in fishing equipment; snags and fish habitat; types of bait; river health; collecting data for Arthur Rylah Institute; restocking activities, since 1988; changes in fishing culture, ‘catch and release’; changes in vegetation from boating activities; use of pylons and stones to stop river bank erosion; changes in width and depth of the river; mammals, birds, reptiles, snakes; blue-green algae and pollution; temperature differences.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Jodi Frawley


Graham Ellis
Ken Strachan
Pete Tidd


Corowa, New South Wales


Part 1 00:20:46
Part 2 00:20:06
Part 3 00:15:30

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