Murray: Oral History of J.O. Langtry


Murray: Oral History of J.O. Langtry


An interview in four parts with J.O. Langtry.

J.O. Langtry talks about his investigation into the ecology of the Murray-Darling System with the newly formed State Fisheries and Game Department of Victoria. His systematic examination of native fisheries, informed by collaborating with professional fisherman, is central to our understanding of the Murray-Darling ecosystem. He discusses the anabranch system; drainage zones; opportunistic farming; pelagic fish; hatching Murray Cod at Burraby Station; fish stomach contents and diet; his influence on early fishing regulations; and legal and illegal fishing methods.

He also talks about the people who assisted him in his surveys; the various river conditions that different fish prefer; and the cultural and recreational value of fisheries. He discusses ground water; rising water tables; salinity; water and land management; and the 'Landline' TV series. He argues that efforts to restore the Coorong and Lower Lakes are not worthwhile.

He goes on to talk about the wide variety of people and occupations he dealt with in his work; the differences between Murray Cod and Trout Cod; a plan to remove Bony Bream that was later abandoned; fish farming; fish stocking; local and visiting poachers; and commercial fish markets. He discusses his service in the Australian Army Research Group, and his work to develop rations in Korea, New Guinea and Malaysia. He comments on the demographic of the Victorian public service and ends by reiterating the diminished scale of the anabranch system.

Other fish species mentioned: lungfish, trout fish/eastern big belly.

Mention of: Victorian State Fisheries and Game Department, Melbourne University, CSIRO, National Water Board, Rotary Club, Murray Darling Basin Authority.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Heather Goodall


J.O. Langtry


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