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Richard Kennedy is an Aboriginal man residing in Wodonga, Victoria. Born in 1959, Richard grew up on the Lachlan River in central New South Wales with his family and currently works with the Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in the Wodonga…

Jodi Frawley interviewing members of the Green family, 2010
An interview in six parts with the Green family.

The Green family grew up at 'Chinaman's Lagoon', in one of the original homesteads in the district. The lagoon and acreage became their backyard, and is were they spent all their holidays and…

John Douglas, oral history interview, 2010
An interview in five parts with John Douglas. Fern Hames is also present at the interview.

Born in 1960, John grew up in Melbourne, visiting with extended family around the Mildura area. He worked at Snobs Creek as a technician, becoming an expert…

Murray Cod catch, Corowa Anglers Club, [no date]
Images were sourced by the Talking Fish project team from Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Pete Tidd on the day of oral history interview.

(Order unknown) Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd; oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd.

Graham, Ken and Peter are members of the Corowa Angling Club, and have lived in the Corowa area since the 1970s. Graham has worked as a water bailiff, a law enforcement…

Wally Cooper, Glenrowan (VIC), 23 November 2010.
An interview in five parts with Wally Cooper, a Moitheriban man, and Pat Larkin.

Wally talks about traditional fishing, fishing women, tickling fish, fishing with spears, hand lines, baiting, canoe fishing and diving for Crayfish. He also…

The data from this study region includes 12 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 4 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

The Murray River is the boundary between NSW and Victoria. The river both…