Murray: Oral History of Richard Kennedy


Murray: Oral History of Richard Kennedy


Richard Kennedy is an Aboriginal man residing in Wodonga, Victoria. Born in 1959, Richard grew up on the Lachlan River in central New South Wales with his family and currently works with the Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in the Wodonga area.

In the interview, Richard discusses his life growing up around the river with his family and how it was a central part of his life. He tells of his cultural connection with the land and the need to maintain and pass on that connection and knowledge; something that is being done through his CMA work with Aboriginal men. He says that Aboriginal people are losing their connections to Country and culture where colonisation played a pivotal role. He notes that his situation is not helped by the declining health of the land and rivers that he says have been affected by introduced fish and plant species such as the European carp and willow trees.

Richard also speaks extensively about floods and how withholding the water impacts on the nature of the land as a floodplain; the types of fish, animals and plant life that are present; and his work in conservation, largely influenced by the sustainable practices embedded within his Aboriginal culture.

Richard also mentions also where he has found Trout Cod: Murrumbidgee, Murray River, Yarrawonga, Old Man Creek, Hay.

Also mentioned: Worms, Rabbits, Fish, Kangaroos, Emus. Possums. Antechinuses. Barking owl, Sugar Gliders. Platypus. Willows. Blackberry. Osage Orange. Briar Rose. Patterson’s Curse. Scotch Thistle.


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Murray-Darling Basin Authority
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Richard Kennedy


Wodonga, Victoria, Australia


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