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The data from this study region includes 12 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 7 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

The Condamine River is one of the major tributaries of the Darling River…

Riparian vegetation, Condamine River, 2010
Photos taken on day of oral history recording of Brian Kuhn by the Talking Fish project team.

The images depict denuding that has occurred and revegetation efforts in the Condamine River Catchment, riparian zones, and River Red Gums.

Murray Cod caught at Greenswamp, Queensand, 1940s
Historical images of Murray Cod and Yellowbelly from the Obst family. Dessie Obst has sixty years of experience fishing in the local area, and is a member of the Chinchilla and District Amateur Fishing and Restocking Club. In his oral history…

Geoff Reilly's grandparents (above) and the Lennie Brae homestead (below), 1920s.
Historical images provided by Geoffrey Reilly on the day of his oral history.

Geoffrey is the owner of the property 'Lennie Brae' that has been in his family for generations. The photos depict the building of weirs in the area.

Bowenville, Queensland, 2010
Photos taken on day of oral history recording of Noal Kuhl by the Talking Fish research team.

Olive and Ray Shooter, Dalrymple Creek (QLD), 27 September 2010.
Images of Ray and Olive Shooter and the Darymple Creek area. Ray Shooter has lived next to Dalrymple Creek, a tributary of the Condamine, for almost 80 years.

(L to R) Sam Bonner and Hamish Sewell at site of the Canoe Tree, Condamine (QLD), 21 September 2010.
Photos taken on day of oral history recording of Sam Bonner by the Talking Fish project team.

Allora Historical Museum, Queensland, 2010
Photographs taken at the Allora Historical Museum by the Talking Fish project team.

Images of local history, including fishing prongs and the infamous 'Talgai skull', reported to be the first fossil evidence of human occupation, found in the…

Portrait of Brian Kuhn (left) with Hamish Sewell
Brian Kuhn has been working as a farmer since he was seventeen years old. He lives on a property that borders Kings Creek, a major tributary of the Condamine River, between Clifton and Nobby. Brian is a fisherman, fish stocking club member, and…

Dave Johns engaged in an informal (unrecorded) interview and was happy for it to be made available on the public record. Handwritten notes from the interview are stored at the State Library of New South Wales in collection ML OH 647/1-130.

In his…