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A document written by Richard Kennedy, kindly provided in addition to his oral history interview with the Talking Fish research team.

Richard is a Ngiyampaa Aboriginal man residing in Wodonga, Victoria. Born in 1959, Richard grew up on the Lachlan…

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(L to R) Hamish Sewell and Paul Wheeler, oral history interview, Paroo River, 2010
An informal interview with Paul Wheeler. No audio or transcript of oral history was deposited by researchers. Images taken on the day by the Talking Fish project team.


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Dave Johns engaged in an informal (unrecorded) interview and was happy for it to be made available on the public record. Handwritten notes from the interview are stored at the State Library of New South Wales in collection ML OH 647/1-130.

In his…

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Black Rockcod, Epinephelus daemelii, at Erscotts Hole, Lord Howe Island lagoon, in the Tasman Sea. Source: Graham Edgar / Reef Life Survey. at License: CC BY

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JOL and Heather Goodall, 2010
A document written by J.O. Langtry a few months after his oral history interview for the Talking Fish research project.

He reflects on the balance between maintaining healthy river flows and the needs of irrigators, in the context of sustainably…

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Bawley Point NSW (CC-BY-SA) by Milkbar Nick, on Flickr" at
The interviewee has lived and worked on the far south coast for the last eight years. Originally from central Victoria, his parents bought a holiday home in the area when he was as a child. Now he runs a small water-based tourist business with his…

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Michelle has worked on marine conservation issues for around 15 years, in government and, more recently, as a researcher. Her research interests are in the human dimension of conservation management, especially in relation to marine protected areas…

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