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Country of the Taungurung language community

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Country of the Yorta Yorta language community

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"Primary Drivers of Blackwater Events" (Source: License: CC-BY-SA)
Blackwater is oxygen-depleted water caused by the decay of organic matter. The decay process darkens the water and the oxygen in the water is consumed, sometimes at a rate faster than it can be replenished. This can result in a low level of dissolved…

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Merbein Pumping Station, October 1963. Photo: State Library of Victoria
The often sporadic water flows throughout the Murray-Darling Basin have seen the implementation of man-made barriers such as weirs and dams to help control the flows. This, teamed with an increased use of the river - particularly for agricultural…

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A view of the Ngunnhu fish traps from upstream, Upper Darling: Images from interview with Phillip Sullivan
Aboriginal fish traps are made with rocks or small boulders that have been placed strategically in a flowing waterway that forms a trap. The arrangement allows the flow of water to pass through, with an opening large enough for a fish or other…

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Indigenous kinship systems are complex structures of social organisation that determine ones behaviour, responsibilities, rights and identity within their clan. This system is very important in Indigenous life as it provides the foundation upon which…

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Scar Tree near Murray River Anabranch west of Wahgunya, taken by Gary Vines June 2007 (Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA)
Scarred trees are formed when the bark of a tree is carefully removed. The scarred section resembles an open 'wound' in the side where the bark was taken, and this becomes drier as the tree ages. Aboriginal people then use the bark to create useful…

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Part of the Wurdi Youang stone arrangement in Victoria, Australia, Photo by Ray Norris (License: CC-BY-SA;  Source:
A strategic and precise arrangement of rocks, that when viewed from specific angles, their alignment with certain celestial objects signifies important seasonal events. These events are significant to Aboriginal peoples' life and could indicate, for…

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Cultural flows are the intrinsic and ancestral water rights of Aboriginal Nations. Water plays an important role in Aboriginal peoples’ lives, particularly spiritually and culturally, where its power as a life force must be respected.


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"Manyana Beach" by Bigbewo Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -
The interviewee has lived on the coast all his life, and for five generations in Moreton Bay (Queensland). He has also spent thirty-five years engaging with all levels of government and coastal communities about environmental conservation and…

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