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An interview in five parts with Terry Sim and John Yelland. Both men were born in 1952 and lifelong friends, recreational fisherman, and landholders in Milang. They discuss in great detail history reaching back to the 19th century. Terry started the…

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Portrait of Greg Sharp, 2011
An interview in three parts with Greg Sharp.

Born in 1964, Greg Grew up in Croydon, Melbourne, before working as a fisheries officer in northern Victoria. He shares his experience in freshwater fish research and surveying, and explains the…

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The twelfth of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses efforts to improve the riparian zone and the first resnagging project in Queensland. He talks about the electric fishing technique used in surveys, restocking fingerlings at…

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Portrait of Noal Kuhl (left) and Hamish Sewell, Upper Condamine, 2010
The first three parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal has lived in the area for 40 years. He discusses the changes he's observed in the River ecosystem since becoming involved with the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking Association in…

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The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses the section of Oakey Creek (above where it meets Westbrook Creek) known as the Treeline. He explains how the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking…

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Portrait of Dwayne Willoughby, Bourke (NSW), 30 November 2010.
An interview in six parts with Dwayne Willoughby.

Dwayne talks about fishing with his family; tagging fish; the influence of water colour on fish colour; fish parasites; his two boats; electric motors; and his dislike of nets. He says the water…

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