Upper Darling: Oral History of Dwayne Willoughby


Upper Darling: Oral History of Dwayne Willoughby


An interview in six parts with Dwayne Willoughby.

Dwayne talks about fishing with his family; tagging fish; the influence of water colour on fish colour; fish parasites; his two boats; electric motors; and his dislike of nets. He says the water takes two years to clear after a flush and mentions that lure fishing is at its best when it does. He discusses the river ecosystem; bank stabilisation; re-snagging programs; the impact of Carp; carp musters and changing attitudes towards angling (catch and release). He also talks about flooding and fish breeding habits; yabbying on the Warrego River; and mentions storing yabbies with gum leaves and sighting black Yellowbellies at a place called Black Rocks.

Mentions Darling River Weir 19A (30°13'55.0"S 145°41'49.0"E; MDBA Site ID 425037; "19-mile weir"), Ford's Bridge (NSW, -29.753215, 145.430510), Warren Reservoir (SA), Bourke Weir (-30.086914, 145.894400), Bree Weir, Black Rocks

Mention of garden worms, white sea eagles, emu, king brown snakes, carpet snakes, red belly black snakes, water lillies, gums, algae and Dace Cordina of the Cathment Management Authority
Bourke Shire Council Environmental Officer. Has a fishing hut at Beemery - half way between Bourke and Brewarrina. Passionate catch and release fisherman. Fishes with father-in-law and extended family. Tagging fish with sheep tags.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Jodi Frawley


Dwayne Willoughby


Bourke, New South Wales, Australia


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Part 2 00:20:12
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