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Murray Cod, Snowden family album, [no date]
Images taken of the Snowden family album by the Talking Fish project team, depicting fishing as a family occasion. Published with permission by Geoff Snowden.

Portrait of Keith Snowden, 2010
An interview in five parts with Keith Snowden.

Keith shares the things he enjoys about fishing and tells stories about life on the River. He talks about his fishing holidays, how he 'reads' the water, variance in the water's quality and his…

Portrait of Greg Sharp, 2011
An interview in three parts with Greg Sharp.

Born in 1964, Greg Grew up in Croydon, Melbourne, before working as a fisheries officer in northern Victoria. He shares his experience in freshwater fish research and surveying, and explains the…

An interview in two parts with Adam Pascoe and Ron Dawson.

Adam and Ron talk about the conditions that fish find favourable to breed in. They recall the effect of the Black Saturday Fires (2009), the 'chocolate river' event, and the Yarrabulla…

An interview in three parts with Lyall Hogg and Ollie Evans.

Lyall grew up in Merbien, and learnt to fish with his father. His uncle was a professional fisherman who built boats and sent his catch from Bourke to Sydney. He talks about irrigation;…

An interview in three parts with Gary Daws.

Gary grew up in Gunbower and has spent most of his life on the Murray. He talks about how to lure and bait different types of fish and describes the river conditions that make for good fishing and…

Tom Cameron (left), 2011
An interview in four parts with Tom Cameron.

Born in 1937, Tom grew up sustained by the Ovens River. He talks about fishing crowds at Post Office Lane, a popular spot to catch Redfin after the spring floods. He goes on to describe diverse fishing…

The data from this study region includes 6 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 2 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

The Ovens River rises in the Victorian Alps where it is linked to significant…