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Robert Lacey, St George (QLD), 8 October 2010.
An interview in two parts with Robert Lacey.

Robert Lacey is an Indigenous man who has resided in the St George area in southern Queensland most his life. His people are the traditional owners of the land: his mother is a Mandandanji woman, while…

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An interview in three parts with Charlee Campbell and Faye Crowe.

Charlee and Faye talk about Hollands Creek; growing up along the creek; memories of swimming and playing in the river; the cycle of flooding and the dry; and Aerial maps. Faye…

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"Moruya Heads" by Finn Pröpper (CC-BY-NC-ND), on Flickr at
The interviewee, in semi-retirement, moved from Sydney’s coast to Moruya on the far south coast to remain by the sea. He has fond memories of growing up on Sydney’s coast, learning to swim at beaches, in rock pools, and learning to surf.


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Riparian vegetation, Katarapko Creek, 2010
Howard Hendrick lives on the banks of the Murray River at Pyap, near Loxton. These images were taken on the day of his oral history interview with the Talking Fish team. Howard would like to see more water allowed to flow to help the wetlands…

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Kingsley Abdulla, Lake Bonney (SA), 2010
An interview in three parts with Kingsley Abdulla.

Kingsley is from the Gerard Aboriginal community in South Australia. Born in 1971, he has always lived on the river; camping with family and extended family, a time for Elders to educate the…

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(Order unknown) Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd; oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd.

Graham, Ken and Peter are members of the Corowa Angling Club, and have lived in the Corowa area since the 1970s. Graham has worked as a water bailiff, a law enforcement…

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(Unknown order) Merrilyn Strachan and Kelli Cunningham, oral history interview, 2010
An interview with Merrylin Strachan and Kelli Cunningham.

Merrylin and Kelli are members of the Corowa Angling Club, Merrylin a champion women's fisher. Kelli is manager of the Corowa Motor Inn and grew up fishing around the Menindee Lakes. They…

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Eric Hannan, Rampadelles near Boggabri (NSW), 8 September 2010.
An interview in five parts.

Eric and Carol Hannan are the owners of the Rampadelles property near Boggabri by the Namoi River and have lived here with their four children since 1973. During this time, the Hannan family have experienced numerous…

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