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The annual mullet haul still draws a crowd in coastal towns. In some communities, like South West Rocks, commercial fishermen are working hard to rebuild the connection between the community and fishers by holding an annual Good Friday mullet BBQ.…

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Dr Virginia Marshall's 2014 doctoral thesis is a recommended resource for researchers of water rights, particularly those of indigenous peoples. Marshall notes that an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) perspective on water differs…

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The 'Hindsight' program on ABC Radio National presents the radio documentary "Talking Fish" (produced by Hamish Sewell). Interviewees in this program include Interviewees in this program include: Uncle Roy and Aunty June Barker from Lightning Ridge…

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Perry sandhills NSW by Helen Harrington, on Flickr at <br />
An interview in four parts with Carmel Chapman, who works at the Wentworth Information Centre.

Born in 1941, Carmel talks about her life growing up in Merbein, near Mildura, on the Victorian side of the Murray River. She recalls fishing with…

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Bill Grace on his property, Great Anabranch, 2010
Bill and Elaine Grace are landholders on the Great Anabranch of the Darling River. They own sheep, cattle and some dryland wheat on their property on the Anabranch.

They discuss the Darling Anabranch Pipeline scheme and other water issues.


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Darling River, near Pooncarie (NSW), November 2010
A selection of photographs provided by Trish Johnson on the day of interview with Trish by the Talking Fish project team. No audio was recorded.

Trish Johnson, a Paakintji woman, was an executive on the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations (NBAN)…

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Portrait of Bill Lever, Wentworth (NSW), 8 November 2010.
An interview in four parts with Bill Lever.

Bill, a professional fisher since 1953, resides in the small town of Wentworth in northern Victoria. Born in 1926, his life experiences of the neighbouring areas of the Murray, Darling and the Great…

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An interview in three parts, conducted at the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre with Clayton Sharpe, a Fish Biologist and specialist in Yellowbelly.

Born in 1974, Clayton grew up in Mildura, angling and yabbying in the irrigation channels,…

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Portrait of Rodney Stone, Wentworth (NSW), 10 November 2010.
An interview in three parts with Rodney Stone, President of the Wentworth Fishing Club.

Born in 1955 at Mildura, Rodney grew up on the Darling. He has witnessed the changes in the native fish population, particularly relating to the arrival of the…

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Portrait of William Riley, Tamworth (NSW), 18 October 2010.
An interview in three parts with William Riley, a Paakantji man.

Born in 1934, William talks about growing up in Wilcannia and Broken Hill in north-western New South Wales. He recalls being taught to fish by his Grandmother and Aunties using hand…

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