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An interview with Darren Rosso in three parts.

Darren has worked in the Murrumbidgee Corridor since 1988.He talks about the Murrumbidgee Rivers historical fame as a Trout Cod fishery and discusses the practice of restocking fish. He describes the…

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An interview in four parts with Bryan Pratt.

Brian came to the Murrumbidgee in 1965. He talks about seasonal variations in the prevalence of fish, and their breeding and migration habits. He remarks on regional variations within species and…

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Portrait of Phillip Parnaby, oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Phillip Parnaby.

Phillip has lived in Bourke his entire life and in this interview he talks about his experience fishing while growing up in a family of eight, when fish were a large part of their diet. He explains…

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Keith Coleman and Max Jeffrey, Brewarrina (NSW), 1 December 2010.
An interview in two parts with Keith Coleman and Max Jeffrey.

Keith grew up in Brewarrina and learned to fish with his father. He learned to swim in the river, and remembers how clear the water was - clear enough that people could go spearfishing.…

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An interview in three parts with Gordon Brown and Cathy Simpson.

Gordon reminisces about the 1956 floods in Maitland. He talks about how hew learned to fish at Moruya and Coffs Harbour, and how he learned to make nets. He discusses what features…

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Portrait of Dwayne Willoughby, Bourke (NSW), 30 November 2010.
An interview in six parts with Dwayne Willoughby.

Dwayne talks about fishing with his family; tagging fish; the influence of water colour on fish colour; fish parasites; his two boats; electric motors; and his dislike of nets. He says the water…

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Anne Marie Parnaby with baby and cod 1988-05-01
Images were sourced by the Talking Fish project team from Phillip Parnaby on the day of his oral history interview.

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(L to R) Dwayne Willoughbys brother in law, Troy and another of his brothers in law, 2006
Images were sourced by the Talking Fish project team from Dwayne Willoughby on the day of his oral history interview.

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The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal discusses the section of Oakey Creek (above where it meets Westbrook Creek) known as the Treeline. He explains how the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking…

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The tenth and eleventh parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal introduces his favourite spot and talks about fish migration; fish travelling; land subdivisions; and Bowenville Reserves history as a public site for livestock watering…

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