Upper Darling: Oral History of Gordon Brown and Cathy Simpson


Upper Darling: Oral History of Gordon Brown and Cathy Simpson


An interview in three parts with Gordon Brown and Cathy Simpson.

Gordon reminisces about the 1956 floods in Maitland. He talks about how hew learned to fish at Moruya and Coffs Harbour, and how he learned to make nets. He discusses what features to look for in the river when fishing with rods and setting nets. On netting, he says that illegal fish trapping is still prevalent. He also talks about the introduction of carp and their effect on catfish and weeds; his participation in the local Carp Muster competition; Indigenous Australians living at the Wier; bait; and making and appraising rods. Gordon says the river hasn't changed much since 1956.

Cathy talks yabbying in the Warrego River and off Ford's Bridge, and about the crabs she's seen at Gumbalie.

Mention of Cumbungi (bullrush)
Brown snakes, Black Snakes, Taipan, worms,
Gin (Aboriginal Woman)
Local Studies Librarian in the Bourke Library. Did lots of local fishing with her dad growing up and camping out along the river.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Jodi Frawley


Gordon Brown
Cathy Simpson


Bourke, New South Wales, Australia


Part 1 00:19:56
Part 2 00:20:43
Part 3 00:08:54

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