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Portrait of Noal Kuhl (left) and Hamish Sewell, Upper Condamine, 2010
The first three parts of a twelve part interview with Noal Kuhl.

Noal has lived in the area for 40 years. He discusses the changes he's observed in the River ecosystem since becoming involved with the Oakey Freshwater Fish Stocking Association in…

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(Order unknown) Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd; oral history interview, 2010
An interview in three parts with Graham Ellis, Ken Strachan, and Peter Tidd.

Graham, Ken and Peter are members of the Corowa Angling Club, and have lived in the Corowa area since the 1970s. Graham has worked as a water bailiff, a law enforcement…

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An interview with Darren Rosso in three parts.

Darren has worked in the Murrumbidgee Corridor since 1988.He talks about the Murrumbidgee Rivers historical fame as a Trout Cod fishery and discusses the practice of restocking fish. He describes the…

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An interview with John Koehn, John Douglas, and Roy Patterson.

John Koehn is a research officer for the Arthur Rylah Institute, Melbourne, and studies freshwater fish ecology. John Douglas works for Victorian Fisheries, and Roy Patterson is a…

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An interview with Rolf Weber, a senior biodiversity officer with Fisheries and Wildlife, who came to Shepparton Victoria in 1981.

Rolf talks about: wetland vegetation; role of plants in providing protection for fish and their eggs; Myriophyllum…

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