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Country of the Yuwaalaraay language community

Country of the Yorta Yorta language community

Country of the Wiradjuri language community

Merbein Pumping Station, October 1963. Photo: State Library of Victoria
The often sporadic water flows throughout the Murray-Darling Basin have seen the implementation of man-made barriers such as weirs and dams to help control the flows. This, teamed with an increased use of the river - particularly for agricultural…

No speech was recorded during this interview. The recording is a sample of ambient noise (mainly birdsong) in Michelago (NSW).

An interview in five parts with Gay and Dick Lawler.

Gay and Dick talk about the arrival of Carp and St John's Wort following a big flood in 1991. They stopped fishing soon afterward. They discuss their efforts to reintroduce native plants, and…

An interview with Darren Rosso in three parts.

Darren has worked in the Murrumbidgee Corridor since 1988.He talks about the Murrumbidgee Rivers historical fame as a Trout Cod fishery and discusses the practice of restocking fish. He describes the…