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An interview in three parts, conducted at the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre with Clayton Sharpe, a Fish Biologist and specialist in Yellowbelly.

Born in 1974, Clayton grew up in Mildura, angling and yabbying in the irrigation channels,…

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Portrait of Rodney Stone, Wentworth (NSW), 10 November 2010.
An interview in three parts with Rodney Stone, President of the Wentworth Fishing Club.

Born in 1955 at Mildura, Rodney grew up on the Darling. He has witnessed the changes in the native fish population, particularly relating to the arrival of the…

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Brian Schulz with yabbies, Lower Lakes, [no date]
Brian, a recreational fisher, moved to Murray Bridge in 1980, and ran a fishing competition called 'Fantastic Fisherama' at Walker’s Flat and Big Bend in the 1970s. Brian’s passions is protecting the Murray cod. Images depict his business days,…

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Brian Schulz, 2011
An interview with Brian Schulz, a recreational fisher, who grew up in the Barossa Valley, fished on the Murray, and moved to Murray Bridge in 1980. Brian ran a fishing competition called 'Fantastic Fisherama' at Walker’s Flat and Big Bend in the…

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An interview in five parts with Terry Sim and John Yelland. Both men were born in 1952 and lifelong friends, recreational fisherman, and landholders in Milang. They discuss in great detail history reaching back to the 19th century. Terry started the…

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Robert Worboys and wife with fish caught at Garden Hole, 1950s
Historical images provided by Robert Worboys during his oral history interview with friends Keith Codrington and George Thomas.

The images span the late 1930s to 1950s. They show Murray Cod caught from the infamous 'Garden Hole' spoken about…

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An interview with three local fisherman Keith Codrington, George Thomas, and Robert Worboys.

With over 50 years experience fishing in the region, Keith, George and Robert share their knowledge of the Culgoa-Balonne region. They discuss floods,…

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An interview with Pat Stephens, a local butcher.

Born in 1933, Pat talks about fishing in the Dirranbandi area and the changes he has noticed over the last 60 years. Having fished since he was a boy, the biggest changes have been a reduction in…

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