Katarapko: Oral History of Tracy Bye


Katarapko: Oral History of Tracy Bye


An interview in four parts with Tracy Bye.

Born in 1964, Tracy is Manager of the Loxton Information Bureau. She moved to Loxton when she was about 11, and spent a lot of time at Katarapko Creek. Tracy saw her interview as a way to honour her father Colin Shultz, his love of the river, and the way the river became integral to their life once they moved to Loxton. Tracy’s interview is short but rich in terms of showing how recreational fishing, family life and place making environments are intertwined.

Tracy talks about: camping, fishing, swimming, and skiing on the river; recreational fishing methods from boat and river bank; yabbying methods; changes in water quality (visibility and colour); changes in water vegetation (weeds and reeds); worm farming; observations of change sin water flow and current; snags and debris in the river; an occasion when carp became stuck in wetlands after a high water event; the differences between the river at Albury and Katarapko Creek; floods 1970s.


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Part 2 00:12:09
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