Goulburn: Oral History of Daryl Sloan


Goulburn: Oral History of Daryl Sloan


An interview in eight parts.

Daryl Sloan has been a resident of the Shepparton area for 35 years since his teenage years. He has worked in the social welfare industry for around 15 years and his work sees him regularly visiting the Goulburn River making contact with the tens of dozens of homeless people that call its banks 'home'.

Daryl covers the issues that Shepparton and surrounds face of flooding; river turbidity; increasing housing developments and the fall in housing affordability; an increasing homeless population; the history of the area with special regard to the 1939 Cummeragunja Mission walk-off and its significance as a form of protest and self-determination; the arrival of backpacking fruit pickers; and the degrading health of the river and the lack of care people have for it.

Mentioned: Platypus. Koala. Kangaroo. Wallaby. Flying Fox. Possum. Squirrel Gliders. Earthworms. Finches. Azure Kingfisher. Wood duck/maned goose.

Trees: Grey box. Red River Gum trees. Patterson’s Curse (blue flower). Dock (weed). Blackberry.


Heather Goodall
Jodi Frawley
Hamish Sewell


University of Technology, Sydney


Murray-Darling Basin Authority
NSW Department of Primary Industries - NSW Fisheries


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Hamish Sewell


Daryl Sloan


Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia


Part 1 00:13:47
Part 2 00:07:36
Part 3 00:10:43
Part 4 00:28:57
Part 5 00:04:46
Part 6 00:00:12
Part 7 00:01:57
Part 8 00:03:16

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