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The data from this study region includes 7 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 4 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

The Namoi River is fed by the rivers of the western slopes of…

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Don 'Spider' Cunningham (third from right) with group at a Namoi Carp Muster, n.d.
Images provided by Don Cunningham during his oral history interview.

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Gordon Cain and a catfish, Berrygil Creek (NSW), circa 1980.
Photos provided by Helen Cain and the Narrabri & Districts Historical Society archives illustrate the river conditions and aquatic life within the region spanning a period of over 40 years.

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An area of riverbank that Doug Jamaeson has been<br />
steadily replanting, Namoi River (NSW), May 1995
A selection of photographs dating back to 1990s of the Namoi River and Murray Cod, courtesy of Jacqui Jamaeson and Jason Simpson. Images of vegetation and riparian areas were taken by the Talking Fish project team.

Jason Simpson and his boss Doug…

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Darcy Harris moved to the Narrabri region after his father purchased a property in the area when he was a young man. It was during his life on the property where he learned how to fish from his father, whom he considered to be a good fisherman. Life…

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Portrait of Don Spider Cunningham, Narrabri (NSW), 7 September 2010.
An interview in four parts.

Don 'Spider' Cunningham is a recreational fisher who is part of the Narrabri Fishing Club and has resided in Narrabri (NSW) his entire life. He has strong ties with the area with his father also from Narrabri and his…

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Eric Hannan, Rampadelles near Boggabri (NSW), 8 September 2010.
An interview in five parts.

Eric and Carol Hannan are the owners of the Rampadelles property near Boggabri by the Namoi River and have lived here with their four children since 1973. During this time, the Hannan family have experienced numerous…

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Jason Simpson with fishing lure, Namoi River, 7 September 2010.
Jason Simpson is a recreational fisher living in the northern New South Wales town of Narrabri through which the Namoi River flows. Born in 1976, he has lived in this country town since the age of four and has been fishing since his youth, becoming…

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Phil Duncan and Pearl Trindall, Attunga (NSW), 6 September 2010.
An interview in six parts.

Pearl and Joe Trindall are an Indigenous couple who have lived in the Namoi region for most their lives. Pearl was born in Boomi, while Joe was born in Narrabri and they both, along with their children, have spent a lot…

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