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Murray Cod caught at Greenswamp, Queensand, 1940s
Historical images of Murray Cod and Yellowbelly from the Obst family. Dessie Obst has sixty years of experience fishing in the local area, and is a member of the Chinchilla and District Amateur Fishing and Restocking Club. In his oral history…

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Cross family, Narran River, 1920s.
Historical images provided by Pat Cross during her oral history interview.

The photos show family activities such as learning to swim in the Narran River in the 1920s.

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Robert Worboys and wife with fish caught at Garden Hole, 1950s
Historical images provided by Robert Worboys during his oral history interview with friends Keith Codrington and George Thomas.

The images span the late 1930s to 1950s. They show Murray Cod caught from the infamous 'Garden Hole' spoken about…

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Coorong and Lower Lakes, [remains of historic fishing boat], 2011
Images of fishing for Mulloway circa 1930, and the remains of historic fishing equipment in the Coorong and Lower Lakes region.

Images were sourced by the Talking Fish project team from Sally Grundy and Dean Tugwell on the day of their oral…

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Men with Murray Cod, Melbourne railway workers used to regularly come to the Hughendon property for week long spells of camping and fishing, [no date]<br />
Born in 1922, Ken’s family have lived on the ‘Hughendon’ property at Thornton since the 1860s. The Goulburn River runs on one side of the property and the Rubicon River runs through the middle.

Photographs provided by Ken Gilmore at the time…

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Fish catch, Murray River, [no date]
Historical images of the Aston family, three generations of professional fishermen in the Renmark region. John held a commercial licence between 1956 and 1997. His grandfather was also a boat maker.

Images provided by John Aston during his oral…

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Callop, 2005-07-07
Barry Porter lives in Berri, in the Riverland area. Having worked on a pile driving barge, and working most of his life on the river, Barry has extensive knowledge of locks and weirs from the Murray mouth to Euston (Lock 15). He currently monitors…

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Gordon Cain and a catfish, Berrygil Creek (NSW), circa 1980.
Photos provided by Helen Cain and the Narrabri & Districts Historical Society archives illustrate the river conditions and aquatic life within the region spanning a period of over 40 years.

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Don 'Spider' Cunningham (third from right) with group at a Namoi Carp Muster, n.d.
Images provided by Don Cunningham during his oral history interview.

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