Interview 5, Far South Coast NSW


Interview 5, Far South Coast NSW


The interviewee retired to the far south coast in 2003. He recalls visiting the area in the 1960s during school holidays with his brother, learning to surf together. He enjoys the beach, running on the beach, surfing, the hinterland, and community. One of his hobbies is photography, including aerial photography of the coastline.

The interviewee has extensive experience in environmental, conservation and government organisations, having worked nationally in National Parks and Environment. He is a supporter of marine parks and thinks that sanctuary zones should be enforced (i.e. exemptions not allowed) in order to give fish stocks a chance to build up. He would like to see the continuation of sanctuary zones.

Although surfing is a solo activity, he likes the social aspect of going down to the beach, assessing surf conditions before going out to surf. He talks about the beautiful views of land from the ocean, and the way in which surfing educates you about the weather and tides.

He reflects on the lack of major development as a reason for good water quality in the region, and finds the greatest irritant to be recreational jet skiers due to the noise and smell (fumes) of the craft. He would like to see restrictions on jet ski activities.


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