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Riparian vegetation, Katarapko Creek, 2010
Howard Hendrick lives on the banks of the Murray River at Pyap, near Loxton. These images were taken on the day of his oral history interview with the Talking Fish team. Howard would like to see more water allowed to flow to help the wetlands…

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Fish catch, Murray River, [no date]
Historical images of the Aston family, three generations of professional fishermen in the Renmark region. John held a commercial licence between 1956 and 1997. His grandfather was also a boat maker.

Images provided by John Aston during his oral…

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Callop, 2005-07-07
Barry Porter lives in Berri, in the Riverland area. Having worked on a pile driving barge, and working most of his life on the river, Barry has extensive knowledge of locks and weirs from the Murray mouth to Euston (Lock 15). He currently monitors…

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The data from this study region includes 8 oral histories (audio as mp3s, and transcripts) and 5 image galleries, as well as a georeferenced hand-drawn map of the area.

Once known as Crabb’s Creek, Katarapko Creek is a small anabranch of the…


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